Getting there

The fastest way to get to the island is by air. The flight should take no more than 4-5 hours from any country in Europe. Make sure you book early.
By land, you can get to Greece via Italy (ferry) or Bulgaria. Travelers could travel by train, car or motorcycle to the port of Volos, and from there they can pick any ferry or 'flying dolphin' to the island. The ferry takes approx. 3 hours while 'flying dolphin' takes 1 hour 45 minutes.

Once at the island

It's easy to get to us by bike, car, bus or taxi. The island has one main road in excellent condition that starts from the airport, ends at 'koukounaries' beach and spans across the island connecting all the major locations. There are community buses that travel back and forth this road every day connecting about 25 stops around the island.

Rent a car or bike and follow the signs to 'Troulos' or 'Koukounaries'. After a 10 minute trip you will reach 'Troulos', the only location where the road forks two ways, pick the right one and go left after the pub at 100meters.
Get a taxi from the airport or seaport and ask them to take you to 'Troulos' area. Taxi drivers know the exact location of the hotel.
Take the bus and stop at our bus-stop number 18: 'Troulos'. From there you can locate us on foot via the footpath (5' minute walk).
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