WAMS, The World Academy of Medical Sciences

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WAMS, The World Academy of Medical Sciences, one of the medical sciences industry’s leaders in Continued Medical Education, cared for a new online infrastructure of their services to increase new user acqusition, while utilizing their current customer base.

Created a full Digital Strategy solution to sustain an events system, education platform, and membership-based infrastructure.
In a 3 months period of activity the User Acquisition was increased by 23.4%
Main source of users comes from Organic Search and Direct Traffic.
Steady monthly traffic rise with a 2.6% increase in tablet users for our great responsive development.


To avoid over-targeting existing visitors.


A dynamically innovative digital media suite of web development, graphic design & social media management that allows users to be retargeted based on the medical sciences information they saw last and spent the most time viewing. This was done by introducing a contextual campaign to increase reach by showing prospective audiences the current, and most popular WAMS service. In addition to that, we applied daily and lifetime frequency caps specific to each user in order to prevent overexposure.


We’ve achieved a user increase of 23.4% in Q1, which generated a number of memberships. In the campaign’s quarterly period of activity, the Session Duration was increased by 26.2%, surpassing the client’s target. April 2017 saw post-click conversions – (generated by both dynamic retargeting and the prospecting campaign) – produce a Return on Investment (ROI) of 946%.

23.4% more Users

26.2% better Session Duration

946% ROI

From The Client

“Their professional competence in ICT has created a strong bond between the staff of the Academy. On behalf of the World Academy of Medical Sciences, I bring you sincere gratitude for your services.”

~ I. Vasiliev / First Senior Vice president

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